WEBCO's Automation Solutions for Your Home Security Needs

WEBCO's Automation Solutions allow you to control devices such as security lights, security locks, security cameras and the ability to control your thermostat on a schedule or even access it off site if your traveling.

At WEBCO we specialize in offering services to our valued customers that not only give them and their families a sense of balance but include some real and tangible benefits they can see and appreciate on a daily and monthly ongoing basis.

We accomplish this goal by providing Automation solutions and other value added services focused on doing a few key things. Providing more safety, security, peace of mind, an of course a substantial savings that cost justifies a long term ongoing relationship with us as technology changes and enhances our lifestyles. One of our new mottos is that Life is Mobile… so your Security should be too!

That being said we have some incredible new features that allow you to control devices such as lights, locks, cameras and the ability to control your thermostat on a schedule or even access it off site if your traveling. Perhaps you recognize changes at home in the weather, etc. Many of our automation services are now bundled right into your WEBCO security system. Today’s busy lifestyles demand that since we are often times always on the go, it makes sense to be able to take advantage of being able to turn lights on or off, adjust your thermostat to come home to a warm or cooler house, heck switch on the coffee pot in the morning or even check to see when the cleaning lady came and left.

Whether your kids are coming home from school at a time when you’re still working or you just need that piece of mind knowing when they are home we can help. Would you like to verify that all the doors are secure and locked… we can insure your confidence that all these things are taken care of right from your own laptop computer and many select cell phones anywhere there is an internet connection available. Just imagine getting a 15 second video clip emailed to you when a door is opened or when the alarm is armed or disarmed. Whatever it is we can custom tailor our security solutions to fit your particular lifestyle. We can integrate cameras including motion sensors and even what we call triggered events for a great many items in your home or business. Worried about flooding in a basement or someone disturbing the wine cellar for example, we can place sensors that if an unwanted event were to take place we can trigger a real time notification so you can intervene or stop serious damage from happening. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. If you can dream it, we can usually monitor or automate it in some fashion that provides real value to you and your property.

Many new energy policy solutions and regulations are designed to be environmentally friendly to mother earth as well as your pocketbook. Our new WEBCO solutions work great in tandem with these new natural energy solutions and money saving options by giving you complete control whether you are home or away. Give us a call today for complete details and special promotional programs. We are always seeking customers willing to provide us with partnership marketing feedback so we can share the good news with others. Inquire with our staff today to see if you qualify to be one of our new technology customer testimonial candidate partners!

At WEBCO Security we want to make sure you are informed of all the benefits of this technology. Take a few minutes to read the information below.

  UNITY - Be one with your home
  INTERCOM - Simplify your life
  LyriQ AUDIO - Set The Mood
  CAMERA - Be Secure
  TELEPHONE & TV - Plug & Play
  CONNECTION CENTER - Where beauty meets brains



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