WEBCO's Network Technologies have now become available right in your very own living room!

For years the term “Networking” has been reserved for the business sector. WEBCO can bring that power to your home network.

For years the term “Networking” has been reserved for the business sector that is responsible for driving the economic engine around the world.

Today with faster, ever improving micro processors, more efficient internet connections, etc. …these technologies have become available right in your very own living room. The boom of the residential infrastructure has redefined networking and these changes have taken place in a very short period of time.

Our networks here in house at WEBCO allow our company’s IT personnel to use and employ essential programs that help us maintain and even improve productivity and increase efficiency on a regular basis. We are moving at the speed of technology and we can help you do the same. This allows us to serve your needs more effectively to help keep you competitive in whatever business environment or economic condition that may arise.

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Networking has made advancements possible in almost every aspect of technology for both businesses and the residential consumer market. These innovations in LAN/ WAN networking have allowed us to dramatically increase the security and services we are able to provide to residential and commercial clients alike.

Some of the latest advancements include DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder) these solutions enable off site surveillance monitoring. Imagine looking over your home, retail business space or even multiple office locations while you’re away! These services in tandem with our GPS Solutions (click on service offering for more info) can not only save you money each year but also cost justify using other services we provide that compliment the offering your considering. In fact most new model cellular phones and hand held devices even allow you to view cameras real time right there from your wireless connection or laptop anywhere in the world there is an internet connection.
The World of Entertainment is another way that you can benefit from networking! TV Manufacturers are now installing new network cards in most of the major brand televisions. By connecting the TV to the network you will be able to display all of your pictures, watch movies, and listen to the music you have on your computer. Displaying your photos on a large flat screen display will force you to keep those old photo albums put away dust free somewhere for safe keeping as a family heirloom. No more spilling coffee on Aunt Edna’s irreplaceable photos. Other popular features are the highly sought after Blu-Ray player technology and advanced gaming systems which now include applications that allow you to stream (HD) High Definition movies instantly. With the ongoing and increased demand of IP (internet protocol) and networking, all signs indicate that networking is here to stay, and continued advancement promises to keep us in a constant state of attention for new tech based toys and technologies that change the way we experience media, movies and events important to our personal and business lifestyles.

During our many years experience WEBCO has worked on various types and sizes of client networks both commercial and residential. We can help clients do everything from connecting two workstations across an office or home to connecting networks in different places or cities around the country. We have a highly trained staff that holds various key certifications necessary to get the job done. Our staff will analyze your current setup and help you decide which type of network if any would benefit your company or home.  We can help you procure, install and configure all the required equipment affordably and we will be available for questions or additional technical support you may require. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

Please visit the Contact Us tab above and call us today. Be sure and ask our friendly staff how some of our networking options can benefit you or your business!

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