WEBCO Offers Home Theater Systems and Installation for Your Minnesota Residential Home

WEBCO's Experts Can Install Audio/Video and Home Theater Installation and Cinema Seating to Complete Your Home Theater Experience in St. Paul, the Twin Cities, or Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why add a home theater?

Not only will you save money by not having to pay for expensive movie theater tickets, but you'll also avoid paying high gas prices to get to the theaters, as well as additional expenses for concessions once you arrive.

We help make your theater dreams a reality, from planning simple designs to installing your new home theater. We provide all of the finest audio and video equipment to complete your theater to fit your individual lifestyle, including:

  Speakers (In-Ceiling, In-Wall, Bookshelf & Floorstanding)
  Subwoofers (Floorstanding & In-Wall)
  Flat Screen TV's (LCD or plasma)
  Wall Mounts (Fixed, Tilt, & Fully Articulating)
  Hi Def Projectors
  A/v Receivers
  Blu-ray Disk Players
  Power Conditioners/Surge Protectors
  Theater/Cinema Seating
  Universal Remote Controls
  Interconnect Cables (HDMI, Component, Optical)
  A/V Equipment Racks
  Theater Themed Art
  Traditional Popcorn Makers

WEBCO Home Theater

A Home Theater is also a wonderful way to relax and spend time with your family without the hassle of traveling outside the Twin Cities. It's a safe environment for your kids to get together with their friends, right in the comfort of your home in Minnesota.

A Home Theater can be a major asset to you, both in your own personal enjoyment and later in increased resale value of your home.

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