WEBCO Security Surveillance Cameras

Our Surveillance Security Cameras Featuring Integrated Video Monitoring In The Twin Cities Area, St. Paul And Minneapolis, MN

See What's Happening From Anywhere

"Always-on" surveillance security cameras let you keep track of activity on window, door, liquor cabinet, motion and other sensors at your property in Minnesota. But sometimes it's nice to be able to see what's going on too. 

Integrated video monitoring lets you view live video and recorded video clips of activity at your home in the greater St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN area. You can even watch live video and play recorded clips on your computer, PDA or cell phone.

Video Features Include:

1. Fully integrated with WEBCO web-based security system monitoring and alerts.

2. Live video from one or more cameras through web Customizable recording settings based on security events, video motion detection and scheduled Email and cell alerts (including optional video clip attachments) when new video is recorded.

3. Recorded clips can be viewed through PDAs and cell phones*

4. No local storage device or DVR required (all video is stored remotely).

5. Cameras include built-in 802.11/WiFi connectivity.

* PDA and cell phone features vary by device & carrier.

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